Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan trip – The Silk Road and Paradise of Islamic architecture ( Jan 2023)

I took the Road most travelled by and was dazzled by the architecture. Kazakhstan is currently Visa-free for Indians and a very economical travel destination providing you with adventure activity, sightseeing, and Partying. Day 1 - Land at Almaty (0630 hours), a 4-hour flight from Delhi.  Land at -15 to -20 Degree Celsius and get [...]

Invesco Partial exit from ZEEL- Learnings from mistakes?

“It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes.”Warren Buffet Invesco bought a 11% stake in Zee in August 2019 at Rs 400 – spending ~Rs4000cr apparently after the promoter’s debt problems were known and, in a bid, to help them.  It intends to Sell 7.8% in a block [...]

Book review #14 of 2021: Expectations Investing by Michael Mauboussin

Reading stock prices for Better returns Michael and Alfred Rappaport in the book provide intricate details of how to understand the mispricing of stocks from looking at the best indicator of a company – its own share price. This is a framework that helps in easing out “what’s factored in” and to put it in [...]

Lessons from Zerodha – What business are you in?

Nithin Kamath, Founder and CEO of Zerodha, made a few innocuous-looking tweets yesterday which should send the entire broking industry, promoters, and investment bankers into some soul searching.  I had recently read in Simon Sinek book “Start with why”- while most companies are able to articulate what business are they in and how they are [...]

Book review #Twelve of 2021: Robert Iger – The ride of a Lifetime

Lessons in creative leadership from the CEO of Walt Disney company The book reads like an autobiography of Robert Iger – one of the most successful CEOs in the world.  Robert Iger deserves a lot of respect given he has been successful in steering a company of the size and legacy of Disney. The Media [...]

Why you should not play tennis like Boris Becker and play poker like Andre Agassi

Deepak Dhayanithy in his book “Strategy Huddle” talks about a very interesting event to understand behavioral strategy . This is about Andre Agassi telling the world how he had an important “tell” when he faced his great rival, Boris Becker.   The “tell” was that Boris tended to stick his tongue out, pointing towards the direction [...]

Book Review #NINE of 2021: Extraordinary Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

An Investment classic published in 1852. People like crowds. The bigger the crowd, the more people show up. Small crowd, hardly anybody shows up. -Gallagher With Gamestop, Tesla, and Bitcoin being the most talked-about investment idea in the last few months.  I decided to get back to the first principles of understanding and knowing manias. [...]

Book review #Seven of 2021: The Ten Commandments of Business Failure

By Donald Keough – A Coco-cola executive and with foreword from Warren buffet. This book immediately jumps into the best books on business in my list and simply put not many books are worthy of a foreword by Warren buffet (Halo effect).  While, there are many books that talk about reasons for business success and [...]

Book review #Six of 2021: Business Adventures by John Brooks.

Twelve classic tales from the world of wall street. The bizarre move in Gamestop stock last week prompted me to read this book especially to understand a similar stock cornering incident that was executed by a single person. In 1923, Clarence Saunders the promoter of Piggly Wiggly stores was involved in a corner and had [...]

Book review #Three of 2021: Azim Premji – The Man beyond the billions.

An Authorized Biography of the very private man Azim Premji.   They are 4 business leaders who have influenced me a lot Narayan Murthy, Azim Premji, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.  Any book which helps in getting to know more of these personalities is a welcome.  The book does justice in trying to get all [...]

Book review #One of 2021: The Psychology of Money

Why I feel very wealthy and successful after reading this book and hopefully stay. The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel is a very interesting read and a must recommend for all people for understanding and managing personal finance.   The book is easy to read and structured into small chapters talking about each topic. It [...]

ZEEL Q1FY21 : Band-aid on something that needs stitches

Q1 FY21 results of Zee entertainment was an exercise by management in trying to shore up investor confidence in governance and give some straws of hope to the few bullish analyst and investors to hang on. Governance building measures: Isn’t good faith enough? Company committed to Qtrly disclosures of balance sheet and Zee5 data along [...]

House Money Effect: Why I watched Cricket World cup for a Lakh and A Fund Manager Sold his house?

In 2011 cricket world cup, India had entered the Quarter finals in World cup and I fancied a chance of India reaching the finals to be played on Wankhede.  I reached out to a close friend with strong connects and was able to source tickets for World cup final whose MRP was Rs 7k each [...]

Poker or Investing – The Tough Task of not being Result oriented

Years ago investor Mohnish Pabrai lost big on an investment in a troubled lender called Delta Financial. Soon after he did an interview with SmartMoney magazine: SmartMoney: How do you deal with Delta Financial, profession- ally and personally?Pabrai: Investing is a game of probability. Sometimes when you make favorable bets, you still lose them. Even [...]

ZEEL Stake sale- Financial or Strategic Partner. Which Augurs better?

Zee stake sale of upto 50% of promoters holding is likely to be concluded soon as per promoter’s statements in investor concall and on an interview with CNBC. https://www.cnbctv18.com/videos/business/zee-entertainment-stake-sale-to-conclude-by-early-july-says-ceo-punit-goenka-3489961.htm Also, the promoters mentioned that they have one binding agreement and expecting another after which the family will decide.  One of them is financial investor and [...]